Customer Care

Dutechnosys prioritizes customer care

Customer-oriented environment
Long term business relationship
High performance to price ratio
Delivery on time
Worry free on technological problems
Responsiveness and accessibility through a local firm
Mentoring and equipping technical knowledge to a customer's staff
Committed to achieving the customer's desired results

Dutechnosys is organizations' top choice

When software development is not an organization's forte
For organizations who want to do away with building and maintaining an in-house software development team
For organizations who want to avoid having to manage complicated software technology and having to deal with its risks
For organizations who find the need to strengthen its in-house team
For organizations who need excellent skills to solve extraordinary problems
For organization whose existing team do not have specialized expertise in applications like modeling, GIS, mobile computing systems, simulation or web-enabled databases
For an organization to deliver its peak demand project requirements which their in-house capacity cannot possibly deliver on time
If a current project on software development has not been completed at the desired pace or has not brought satisfactory results which would lead to having an objective evaluation and analysis and possibly other resources to get on the right track

Live Chat

Feel free to get in touch with Dutechnosys support engineers who can provide excellent assistance through web chat during normal business.

Support Hotline

Our support engineers can be requested to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our support hotline, as stipulated in our support agreement. You can refer to your support service agreement for the support access code and the support hotline phone number in your area.

Issue Tracking

Our Customer Support web portal logs all support issues with the Dutechnosys product suite or with any of your specific implementation(s) on top of your system enhancements as part of our proper documentation practices and for better tracking and reference.

Company Overview
-----------------------------------------------Our mission and quality policy
Certification and Partners
Behind the Name
Customer Care
Our Mission

Dutechnosys has the mission of seeing things farther in seeking competitive advantage for our clientele by using technology in the most innovative way, helping them attain prosperity and success on a long term basis.

Our Vision
Our main responsibility would include delivering value to the maximum for our global customers. To pursue this, our dedicated teamwork and serious commitment in taking leadership in the development of e-commerce solutions will forge our way in making technology work for your business.
Quality Approach
  • Visual Design Rationality of screen density, effective information presentation, directional sense.
  • Usability and Navigation Effective and easy-to-use user interface, consistent and intuitive navigation.
  • Accessibility Section 508 standard and W3C WCAG compatibility
  • Cross Browser Support IE, Mozilla, Opera, FireFox, Netscape, Safari and others.
  • Compatibility Compliance with W3C standards: xHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01., CSS 2.1 standard